Stage 5: Allez Fabrice!

Now this was one beautiful stage.  It went along the coast of Brittnay.  I had always had a negative view of Bittnay.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because I once had a crush on a girl named Brittnay but she didn’t feel the same way.  Whatever the reason, I apologize Brittnay.  You are beautiful and have no right to have been pre judged by me (the region, not the girl).

Reed and I camped out the night before and then went for a great 2 hour ride along the coast.  Ahhh-maz-ing. If nothing else, this whole Clean Bottle thing has given me some great “business trips”.

The whole route we kept seeing these signs on the side of the road and painted on the road that said “Allez Fabrice!”.  I guess that Fabrice is a local rider and the town had come out to cheer him on.  The whole time I was riding I was imagining what Fabrice looked like.  I was fairly certain the guy looked like some serious euro trash for the following reasons:

  1. He is French
  2. He is a pro cyclist
  3. He is named Fabrice

To my surprise, I came upon a group of especially rabid Fabrice fans who had a sign with a photo of Fabrice.  Here, my prejudice was warranted. Fabrice had all the makings of a euro trash neo-pro cyclist:

  1. He was on a team I’ve never heard of
  2. he had short but stylish hair
  3. he was rocking an earring.

Allez Fabrice!

Allez, Fabrice.  Allez.

So I am dedicating my performance this year to Fabrice, my new favorite cyclist.  Forget Contador.  You can have the Schlecks. Cavendish is overrated.  Fabrice is the man to watch in 2011.  I’m sure of it.

Back to the stage.  Bottle Boy and I watched from just outside of Val Andre.  I did my best to get on TV but the riders were just going too fast, so instead of running I decided to wave.  I don’t think I made it on TV, but we still have many more stages to go until Paris, so I’m not too worried.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Marit Fischer Reply
    Hilarious! Now I'm going to be cheering for Fabrice too.
  2. Mindy Reply
    It is the end of the Tour and WHERE DID FABRICE GO??? Sorry but I still wanted Andy Schleck to year. I think I will head to REI and get my CLEAN BOTTLE!! Thanks to Dave, Alan and Reed for making this tour FUN!!

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