Stage 15: Montpellier

Team Clean Bottle is really limping to the finish.  Reed flew out today so we are without our French speaker.  Alan has saddle sores so bad that he needs to see a doctor and my computer just died.  And to add insult to injury, the French policy motorcar pushed me into the gutter as I was running with the riders today.  After he did, he shouted something to me in French an put up two fingers.  This could mean a few things:

  • It is the French sign for giving someone the birdie
  • He is exasperated by the fact that there are two of us
  • He is giving me my second and final warning.  I also got chewed out yesterday as I was running

In any case, I am ready for tomorrow’s rest day.  And I hope the motorcycle police guy doesn’t follow the Tour into the Alps, or my next post may be from a French jail.  Which, by the way, is looking a lot better than the van I have been sleeping in every night.

Au Revoir!

  1. Smogzilla Reply
    Hang in there Clean Bottle Guy, I look for you every day. Tell Phil and Paul you want more respect on the roads, they'll look after you.
  2. Rocky Reply
    Hey Dave, Great story! When you get back we should meet up for a ride. I'd like to hear more of your stories about the Tour. I get an 8 week sabbatical next year and I was thinking about going. You are an inspiration for me to do this. Ciao Rocky
  3. Nathalie Reply
    If it happens again you should shout "Les moi" which means leave me alone or give them the good-old "up-yours" French hand/arm gesture.

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