Stage 18: Grinding to the Finish

Today Alan and I travelled to the Col d’Angel, the first climb of the stage.  We were planning to drive up the back side, down the climb and park on it, but when we got to the foot of the mountain we were told by the French Police it was closed.  It was too late to drive around so we camped out for the night.

As we set up our tent we heard a guitar playing and saw people singing around a camp fire.  Not ones to miss an opportunity belt out a few tunes, Alan and I grabbed a bottle of wine from the car and headed over.  There was a group of about 10 people gathered around, including the two French Police officers.  Hey, maybe the French Police aren’t that bad.

We sung a bunch of songs and even led the French in a spirited rendition of God Bless America.  The French Police had to run off every now and then to stop cars that tried to go up the mountain.  One time, one of the officers even gave his jacket to a lady in the group and had her run up to the car and stop the person!  We all laughed when that happened.  I was seriously considering getting the Bottle Boy costume out and putting the French Police jacket over it.  That would have made for a good photo.

Us with the locals

We had a good night, but because we were on the backside of the climb we had to bike 6 miles up it with our costumes.  Alan and I ground out the climb, which took us well over an hour.  It was so windy we were blown over twice.  And it was COLD.  Alan even put on the Bottle Boy gloves for warmth.

Alan trying to stay warm!

We descended about 3 miles, where it was open enough for us to run.  So after we ran we had to climb ANOTHER 3 miles in the howling wind and cold.  What a day!

We are now off to the Galibier, the last climb of the Tour for us.  Its been a long trip, but hopefully you’ve had some fun watching us.

Thanks for Reading!


  1. Vonnez Kincheloe Reply
    We've enjoyed watching tremendously! So glad you made it!
  2. Max Reply
    Great job, saw you plenty of times on Versus...almost every day in fact. Lots of plugs. I'll be ordering some bottles to help keep the business going. Are you guys gonna be in Colorado during the 3rd week of August?
  3. Daphne Hope Reply
    Finally read your story on the website - we have been watching every stage for the past two years with great anticipation to spot the "gros bidon". That was before we understood what the mascot represented. Now we will watch with even more attention and hope that you continue to represent your product at the Tour. You have one of the more unusual and entertaining costumes on the Tour. We will also look for your product to test it for ourselves.
    • davidjamesmayer Reply
      don't know - maybe!

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