Spot the Clean Bottle Winners!

Hey guys – here are the winners!  I will be emailing each person.  Unfortunately all we collected was an email address, so we don’t have each person’s full name, so I am just putting the first part of their email address below so you can see if it is you.  But we will also be emailing each person as well.

Thanks for playing – I can’t wait until next year!

Prize Country Email – first portion
Wilier Bike USA mhenglish@
Fizik USA Johnweidig@
Fizik USA jorge.corona@
Fizik USA jon.rice@
Fizik France weichel@
Scott Running Shoes United States lball@
Scott Running Shoes martinrabone@
Scott Running Shoes United States bikenut71@
Scott Running Shoes United States hondawingrider1@
Scott Cycling Shoes tburns100@
Scott Cycling Shoes United States brooksbv@
Scott Cycling Shoes United States jxray086@
Scott Cycling Shoes United States dazemaitis@
Headsweats United States Exothokman2@
Headsweats United States terry.luckett@
Headsweats United States dirkdflint@
Headsweats United States vetetotdogg@
Headsweats United States melvy_98@
Headsweats France evanfowler@
Headsweats United States gsurfdog69@y
Headsweats United States jdpnchicago@
Headsweats United States rgarson@
Headsweats United States mcyaple@
Clean Bottle jardbud@
Clean Bottle United States willspan@
Clean Bottle United States getforth@
Clean Bottle United States hotcoffeegal@
Clean Bottle United States schulte.heather@
Clean Bottle United States jtmswim@
Clean Bottle United States rdy357@
Clean Bottle United States tfletchernordic@
Clean Bottle United States hudz38@
Clean Bottle France jodiedon@
NBA Tickets USA demo24@
NBA Memorabilia USA xmatthewx24@


  1. sarah wall Reply
    I'm so bummed it wasn't me. saw them at Dicks sporting goods last night.
  2. Jamie Reply
    congrats guys!
  3. Joe Reply
    Thanks for supporting those of us who ride bikes and drink water while doing so.
  4. ToNY Reply
    I didn't win this year but I look forward to trying again next year!!!
  5. su Reply
    Congratulations everyone. Looking forward to playing next year.
  6. Curtis Chow Reply
    Great work Dave! Thanks for the contest! Always fun to watch you running. Way jealous! I can always run for you at the AToC stages 1 and 2.
  7. KURT Reply
    Always funny to watch Dave try to run uphill in that suit. Look forward to next year. Maybe a downhill roll?
  8. Sabrina Reply
    Thanks for the contest. I had fun looking forward to seeing you run the course. I'll be watching for you again next year. Wishing you continued success with your Clean Bottle!
  9. Jon Reply
    It was fun watching you Dave. How do you breath in that thing?!
  10. Dale Reply
    Thanks for the opportunity to play and win. See you next year. Now I have to go buy a bottle----or two.
  11. John Sparks Reply
    Great job Bottle Boy!!!! I enjoyed looking for you every day while watching the tour! Now i have to BUY a bottle!! LOL
  12. Sid Dansby Reply
    Honestly: Wa-ah, Wa-ah! I am crying like a baby for having not won! heh, heh way to go everyone! long live the tour!!!
  13. Standley Reply
    Love looking for you at the races. You got a dream job ~ enjoy it!! See you in Steamboat?
  14. Sid Dansby Reply
    PS have to run, but WILL read each and every stage's blog, Dave! what a great way to travel
  15. Daniel Slocum Reply
    I didn't win either. Wondering about TV Coverage. I watched the 2-hour recap every day and only saw you a few times. Any way to get them to be sure and include the running bottle even in the shorter broadcasts?
  16. Daniel Slocum Reply
    Oh! and congrats to those who did win. :)
  17. Jose Sanchez Reply
    I was eagerly awaiting these results, but alas, it wasn't my year. Good luck to everyone. :)
  18. michael b Reply
    Great contest. Great product. Great work Dave.
  19. Ron Reply
    Thanks for posting the results. It was fun looking for you. Have fun and enjoy the ride.
  20. Martin Reply
    I won !!!! I cannot wait for the shoes to arrive. This is the first time I have ever won anything. Thanks Clean Bottle.
  21. pms Reply
    I 2 am bummed I didn't win a Clean Bottle. What a neat idea. The closest place to buy one is over 200+ miles away.
  22. Bob Mathews Reply
    Dave, I love the bottles and so do my friends. As others have stated great fun watching for you as well as the Tour. Have a successful year. Congratulations to all of the winners. Bob

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