Stage 11: When 18 Wheelers Attack

Today’s stage was the first mountain top finish of the Tour.  It finished after 18 kilometers of climbing at the mountain top resort of La Toussuire.

We got off the Colombier pretty late so by the time we got to the top of La Toussuire, the climb it was close to 11 pm. As we made our way up the climb we had to dodge numerous packs of drunk Norwegians who were roaming the mountain.  I’ll give full credit to the Norwegians – they are definitely proud of their country.  All of them had shirts or shorts that looked like the Norwegian flag and most were also either carrying a flag or wearing some type of Viking hat.

We finally found a little spot right next to the road.  Exhausted, we quickly put up the tent, had a quick glass of wine and hit the sack.

Over the course of the night I probably woke up 10 times from huge trucks blaring past us.  They have trucks going up the mountain all night getting ready to set up and they certainly aren’t quiet.

When I got out of the tent the next morning I realized that our tent was probably 3 inches from the side of the road.  So basically huge 18 wheelers were going 30 mph probably a foot away from my cranium all night.

Ben & I kitted up again and got ready for our second 20+ kilometer climb in 2 days.  There were amazing views around every corner.

Our "office" for the day. Not a terrible view

I got the Bottle Boy costume on and wandered up the road.  Of course, there were a bunch of drunk Norwegians on every corner and on my corner all of them were wearing fake beards and Viking helmets.  I ended up running along with them when the peloton came by – they did a good lead out actually.

Next stage we are heading to a small climb in the town of Ardoix, wish us luck!

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