Rest Day: France vs USA

There are a lot of differences between France and the US.  In some instances I think France has it right, in other I think the USA does it better.

Let me break down a few examples:

Countryside:  I DEFINITELY give this to France.  The small towns are quaint, beautiful and peaceful.  It seems like the countryside, at least in Northern California where I live, is filled with meth labs and marijuana farms.

Not a crystal meth lab in site!

Showers.  The USA has this one.  Almost all of the French showers I’ve been in haven’t had any shower curtains and the shower head was basically a hose you had to hold with your hands.  Hey France – do you actually like having your bathroom covered in water after you shower?

Diet.  I’ll give this one to France.  All the people eat bread and pastries but they aren’t fat.  Yet all of the USA is on the Atkins Diet and most of us are morbidly obese.  Someone please explain this to me.

Roads.  Again, France.  All the roads are well maintained, and people actually move to the right when you want to pass them.  In the USA, not so much.

Cafes.  Definitely giving this to the US.  Nothing beats a nice pastry and some coffee.  But in France you have to buy them at two different places.  The pastry shops don’t sell coffee and the cafes just sell drinks.  Come on guys!

Store hours.  Again, the US has this one in the bag.  Most stores in France, at least where I was, close from 12-2 and after 5 pm.  These are also basically the only times anyone can go shopping.

Today we had a great rest day.  We FINALLY got some laundry done, which was just in time, considering that I had zero clean clothes.  I ended up doing laundry at the laundrymat totally shirtless.

Wash! Wash! Wash!

On to the Pyrenees!

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