Stage 16: Getting stung

Today Ben & I headed into the mountains for the final two stages of our trip.  I’ve had a great trip, but after two weeks of living out of a van on the side of a road, I’m definitely ready to get home.

The route was pretty crowded because these last two stages were largely taking place along the same route, so most people were there for a few stages.

We found a spot on a steep part of the mountain and set up the tent.  Right across from us were three Belgians – Simon, Frederick and Annabel.

“How are you doing?” Simon said.  “We’ve been camped out for 3 days already waiting for the Tour.  We have everything set up.” “That is the kitchen”, he said as he pointed to the stove”, “this is our living room” he said as he pointed to his car, “and that is the bathroom” he said, as he pointed to exactly the same spot as we had put up our tent.

If that wasn’t awesome enough, we noticed that there were probably 8 bee hives that someone had put up to harvest honey.

Yeah, thats the beehives next too our campsite. We aren't the smartest people in the world.

“Don’t worry about the bees” Simon said.  “I’ve only been stung 4 times.”

Just as he said this a bee flew into Ben’s long hair.  Ben his a pretty mellow guy but he flew away from the campsite like a bat out of hell trying to get the bee out.  He ran up and down the road for a good 5 minutes trying to get it out.  He ended up getting stung twice.

That was the cue we needed to get the hell out of that campsite and find someplace else, which we did.

This is the place we ended up staying at. Which also looks like the world's most scenic used RV lot.

The stage went well, both Ben and I ended up getting on TV!  Its our 4th stage in a row of getting on, so we are on a roll.

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