The idea for Clean Bottle came as many of the best ideas do, on a bike ride. Earlier that day we’d gone to fill up a bottle only to find what looked like a science experiment gone wrong. Mold had grown all over the bottom, creating a stinky, funky mess. The bottle had to be recycled because it couldn’t even be cleaned out. That’s when the thought occurred: why not have a bottle that unscrews at the top AND the bottom? That way, it could easily be cleaned out if it got funky, and it would dry out quickly so it wouldn’t get stinky in the first place.

4 factories, 54 prototypes, 2 patent applications and 3 years later we present to you the Clean Bottle. It took a long time to get it right, but we think you’ll agree that it was worth it.

For us, Clean Bottle isn’t just a career, it’s a cause. We donate 10% of profits to eco and cycling friendly charities you can vote for here.

Send us photos you sporting the Clean Bottle and we’ll put ‘em up on the website and every month we’ll send a 4-pack of Clean Bottles to the most original submission. You can reach us at Thanks and Ride Clean!


Unscrews at both ends
and removable nozzle for easy
cleaning. 100% non-toxic.
22 oz
BPA free. Guaranteed for life
$9.95 Buy Now

Special Offer: Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!

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Are you
riding dirty?

The Runner

Front pouch lets you carry your smartphone or iPod on the run.
Fits phones including iPhone 5
and Samsung Galaxy 3. Additional
storage for keys, cash and energy gels. Guaranteed for life.

$24.95 Buy Now


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The Square

Unscrews from both ends for
easy cleaning. Won’t roll away
if dropped. Wide, ergonomic
handle. No metallic tasting water.
Smudge proof finish. Leak proof.
Guaranteed for life.

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Quick Click™ top & bottom for fast open and close and leak-proof seal
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Square profile prevents rolling if dropped and still fits cup holders
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Smudge proof finish
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Patent-pending Double Lid™ system unscrews at both ends for easy cleaning
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Fresh Taste™ lip keeps water from tasting metallic
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Wide, ergonomic handle for easy carrying

one-open-one-closed with cap cleaned
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How much liquid does the Clean Bottle hold?

22 fl.oz or 622ml.

How tall/heavy is the Clean Bottle?

8.5 inches or about 22 cm. It weighs 121 grams.

What is your return policy?

If you are not happy, we are not happy.  You can return Clean Bottle to us at any time for a replacement.  Just email us at and let us know the problem.

What is your sponsorship policy?

We are amateur athletes just like you and we know how cool it is to get discounted gear – so we are proud to sponsor most any team, club or individual.  Just fill out this Clean Bottle Sponsorship Document and we’ll review it and get back to you.

Is the Clean Bottle dishwasher safe?

Yes, top rack please!

What is the Clean Bottle Original made of?

The Clean Bottle is 100% BPA-Free. The body is made of polyethylene (recycling #4)and the caps are made of polypropylene (recycling #5), both are recyclable.

Where is the Clean Bottle made?

The Clean Bottle is ethically made in China and we are also starting to make some of our custom bottles in the USA.

Can I freeze my Clean Bottle?

Yes, but leave room in the bottle for the expansion of the ice and make sure the nozzle is in the open position.  When thawing, condensation may gather around the bottom cap.  If you lift the bottle up, the condensation will pour out.  This is not a leak, just wipe off the bottle and head out for your ride!

Does the Clean Bottle come in different colors to match my cycling clothes?

We have black caps and blue caps so you can be matchy matchy with pretty much any outfit and bike combo you like.

Can I have custom images printed on Clean Bottles?

You sure can!  Email us at for more information and pricing.  Minimum order is just 100 bottles, design your bottles here, and then fill out the Order Form and you’re ready to go!

Can I get a replacement top or bottom for my Clean Bottle?

A Clean Bottle doesn’t work well with only one cap!  Email us at and we’ll get your Clean Bottle working again!

Are the top and bottom caps interchangeable?

No, the top and bottom have different sized openings.

What is the Clean Bottle Square made out of?

The Square is made from food grade 304 stainless steel.  The caps and lip are made from 100% BPA free plastic.

Where is the Square made?

The Square is responsibly made in China.  We tried for about a year to make it in the US, but it would have meant selling an $80 bottle!

What is the capacity of the Square?

The Square holds 20 ounces.

Is the Square insulated?


What colors are available for the Square?

The Square is available in Charcoal, Orange, Green, Blue, and Raspberry .

What is the capacity of the Clean Bottle Glass?

14 ounces.

What are the Clean Bottle Glass’ dimensions?

8.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide.

Is the Clean Bottle Glass dishwasher safe?

Yes, it is including the caps!  

How can I give customer feedback?

We at Clean Bottle are always trying to make a better product, and the customer knows best!  Send us an email with any questions or comments you might have to Privacy Policy? See Here



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